Testing and Assessment

Psychological Testing and Assessment Services

Your Wellness is Worth It

Conway Counseling & Wellness Center offers psychological testing and assessments to help better understand you or your patients’ mental health, treatment options, and how to improve the quality of life with counseling and wellness services. Psychological testing and assessment serve to help understand how a person’s mind works to better appreciate their psychological strengths and determine an approach for psychological needs.

We offer testing and assessment for a number of psychological conditions, including memory problems, dementia or other medical conditions, pre- and post-surgery assessments, bariatric assessments and other psychologic assessments. We also offer assessments for ADHD to determine if a clinical diagnosis is needed, IQ assessments, and personality assessments.

Neuropsychology Assessments

Testing for Neuropsychological Concerns

We offer assessments for neuropsychological concerns for disease and injury in adults. These assessments focus on memory problems due to injury or aging concerns and can help to shape treatment and therapy for different concerns.

We assess mental health in relation to the following conditions:

  • Adult ADHD Assessment
  • Dementia
  • Pre- and Post- Neurosurgery
  • Aging Concerns

Medical Assessments

Prepare for Life Changing Surgeries

Before undergoing a life changing surgery or medical procedure, psychological assessments can help physicians make better decisions of treatment plans. We offer psychological assessments for pre-sugery assessments as well as other assessments on a per case basis.

We offer psychological assessments for medical evaluation, including:

  • Bariatric Surgery Assessments

Psychological Assessments

Better Understand Individual Psychology

We offer psychological assessments for a variety of reasons, whether a court ordered full psychological assessment or an assessment required for job candidacy. Assessments can include clinical interviews, IQ assessment, personality assessment, and other information determined on a per case basis.

We offer psychological assessments for the following, including others:

  • Employment Candidacy Assessments
  • Police Candidate Assessments
  • Career Focus Assessments
  • Learning Problems & Difficulties Acclimating to College Assessments
  • Court Ordered Psychological Evaluations