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Group Counseling in Central Arkansas

Group Counseling

Live Better

Conway Counseling & Wellness Center offers group counseling sessions on a range of topics and workshops. Group counseling sessions are offered at a variety of times. We offer group counseling for anger management, domestic violence, and addiction/recovery as well as others on an as-needed basis. Co-pareting groups are available upon request.

Group counseling offers a unique environment of people with shared realities to talk about their experiences and learn methods for understanding and managing whatever trouble spot they are going through in life. Our group counseling sessions focus on open discussion in a respectful and inviting setting.

Conway Counseling & Wellness Center also offers workshops that focus on self-care, trainings, and other areas. Workshops are available upon request.

Anger Management Group Counseling

Learn to Control and Direct Anger

Anger is a natural human emotion—but sometimes it can get out of control. In our anger management groups, we focus on learning about the types of anger and how to identify and manage our anger. Anger management focuses on dealing with stress, learning and using empathy, asserting communication, and responding instead of reacting. Our anger management group counseling is designed to help you better understand how anger can affect your life and how to use strategies in your day to day life to better manage anger.

Domestic Violence Group Counseling

Community Support for Survivor

Domestic violence and sexual assault can be an isolating experience that builds invisible walls around a survivor and batterer. We offer group counseling both for domestic violence victims and domestic violence batterers.

In our domestic violence counseling group for victims, we focus on building a supportive community for victims to learn about the dynamics and effects of domestic violence, sort through feelings of helplessness and confusion, and learn strategies for safety planning and support. Our group counseling sessions for domestic violence survivors are a held in a safe place that breaks down walls of isolation that domestic violence builds up.

In our domestic violence counseling groups for batterers, we focus on working with those who are seeking help on their own or when appointed by a court to identify and replace the cycle of domestic battery.

Stress Management Group

Focus on Improving the Quality of Life

Self-care is the practice of enhancing your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing to improve the quality of life and maximize your potential. Our self-care group counseling sessions focus on increasing mental and emotional resources for dealing with the stresses of every day. Today’s world is full of stress because we always feel pressed for time. It can lead us to make decisions that sacrifice our self-care and create a negative outlook. Stress and lack of self-care can create spirals of negative thoughts and feelings that harm our physical and mental wellbeing. In our self-care sessions, we focus on learning strategies to reduce stress and direct our self-care towards productive and positive lives.

Addiction and Recovery Group Counseling

Overcome Addiction

Addiction and recovery counseling groups are available for those who have experienced or are experiencing addiction. Our addiction and recovery counseling groups allow group member with similar experiences to learn recovery strategies together, share information, and support each other to overcome self-destructive behaviors. For people starting the recovery process, group counseling can be particularly helpful because of sharing and support found in recovery counseling groups. Our addiction and recovery groups are in a professional and private setting where open communication and support is emphasized.

Sobriety Court

Changing Habits

Sobriety Court appointed group counseling is typically offered to individuals who are ready to admit their addiction to alcohol and who have multiple offenses in the past for drunk driving or other public intoxication related arrests. The goal of Sobriety Court group counseling is to help support an individual’s path towards sobriety and rebuilding their life after the often lasting effects of multiple alcohol related offenses and incarceration.